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Dear Audience,

My name is Alexander Moust and along with my team, we would like to involve you in our film project JUST PEOPLE about an interesting group of people and a very topical subject that definitely deserves your attention.


The humanitarian crisis and refugee flow that has arisen in Europe as a result of the war in Syria and against IS leads to inhumane situations for a lot of innocent refugees on the mainland and the islands of Greece.

In order not to look away from the issues myself, but to pay attention to the extremely distressing situation of many, I have repeatedly traveled to Greece and the Balkan countries, filming there and talking extensively with refugees in the least pleasant circumstances. I also maintain regular contact with them.

Contents: Just People

Our cameras and microphones take us into the lives of the main characters, Arash and Zharaa, young, determined refugees from Iran and Syria living in Athens. We come to places and situations where as an outsider you normally do not know about and we become part of the daily life of the refugees. In addition, I let them express themselves and ask questions that appeal to their inner world. There is a clear distance between what they want and the possibilities given to them in reality. But they are strong and hopeful and I feel, they will make it.

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